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Chamathkara, the Sanskrit word means to be a specialist. As the name implies we are specialist in delivering happiness, art, hospitality and everlasting memories in ones event. Mr.Sriraam, the founder director is an Entrepreneur, Event Manager, Art director and a food lover….
We are ideal choice if you are looking for a wedding planner and Brahmin catering service. An event management company who can professionally handle right from Ayushhomam to kanagabisegam. We are socially well connected and our in house production capacities are our strengths.
We are most preferred event managers for non resident Indians who are keen on professional service delivery, traditional concepts and approach, value for money, memorable experience creation and more of this kind.
Every wedding is a most important event in ones family. Our objective is to make the event memorable in every aspect and ensure it remains in the minds of our valuable patrons all the life. The traditional decorations, hygiene food making standards, tasty-eye catchy food varieties, time management, traditional assistances, hospitality and entertainments will make the difference from what you get from the market.

Event management

As an event manager we shall bring the best of service providers, products, Team with quality execution standards, Time management, Crowd management etc., upon considering the cost and budget of client.
Invitation design, venue fixing, accommodations, travel, logistics, catering, decorations, hospitality, entertainments are in our portfolio to execute or manage.


Taste, quality, hygene, environment cleanness, heritage cook & trained suppliers, guest friendly supervisors, quality procurement of grossory, vegetables diary products, any thing the client specify with effective cost management to match the client budget.

Dining Decorations

The visual treat in the area of dining makes the guest delightful once they enter the dining zone. Theme based buffet stalls, dining vessel & furniture, male/female service assistance, live food counters & more.


Our art direction team is capable to design theme based execution of the stage, back drop, hall surround, entrance, lightings. Also traditional, contemporary, ethinic, western concepts are decoration options. The mukurtham mandapam, the unjal, the nalungu, the mehandhi, sangeeth conceptual decoration will make the event all thro lively… this will enrich the photography out put and will remain to be a great memory.


The most purpose of the wedding is to perform the religious procedures. We have trained coordinators who will have clear knowledge in assiting you and your family vadiyar in the course of the rituals.

Entertainments & experientials

The scope of giving lot of experiential services makes the event more lively and enjoyable. Sangeeth, mehandhi, bride n groom entry theme choreography, unjal , nallungu singers, paligai kumi, ushers, hospitality, dj, vocal artist, instrumental artist, mehandhi tatoo nail art, janavasam sequence dance theme, punjabhi dhol, choreography by bangalore and kerala dancers , pre wedding photo shoots, candid, montage skills, conventional photo video coverages, seer bakshanam, angumani seer janawas special properties and more.

Catering menu

Veg Soup ..♦♦.. Veg Clear Soup ..♦♦.. Tomato Soup ..♦♦.. Creamap Mushroom Soup ..♦♦.. Sweet Corn Soup.

French Fries Rasa Vadai ..♦♦.. Cabbage Methu Vadai ..♦♦.. Paneer Manchurian ..♦♦.. Small Onion Methu Vadai ..♦♦.. Mini Samosa ..♦♦.. Pudina Pakoda ..♦♦..Bread Sandwich ..♦♦.. Baby Corn Manchurian ..♦♦.. Baby Corn Chilly ..♦♦.. Veg Balls ..♦♦.. Crispy Vegtables ..♦♦.. Veg Spring Roll ..♦♦.. Veg Salad ..♦♦.. Fruit Salad

Rava Idly ..♦♦.. Chilly Idly ..♦♦.. Salavai Idly-milegai Chutney ..♦♦.. Veg Sevai ..♦♦.. Tomato Sevai, Mini Idly ..♦♦.. Malli Poo Idly ..♦♦.. Rava Pongal ..♦♦.. Kathiri Kothsu ..♦♦.. Masala Roast ..♦♦.. Cauliflower Roast ..♦♦.. Rava ..♦♦.. Roast ..♦♦.. Onion Oothapam Butter Oothapam..♦♦.. Tomato Oothapam ..♦♦.. Cashew Oothapam ..♦♦.. Paniyaram ..♦♦.. Veg Omlet ..♦♦.. Chuttney Varities ..♦♦.. Parotta ..♦♦.. Vechu Parotta, Pattura ..♦♦.. Chappathi Bisibelabath ..♦♦.. Vangi Bath-vadakam ..♦♦.. Bahalabath ..♦♦.. Curd Semiya ..♦♦.. Curd Sevai ..♦♦.. Curd Rice ..♦♦.. Semiya Pulao ..♦♦.. Malli Rice

Kashmiri Pulao ..♦♦.. Szechuan Fried Rice ..♦♦.. Veg Noodles ..♦♦.. Veg Fried Rice ..♦♦.. Butter Naan ..♦♦.. Kulcha ..♦♦.. Rumali Roti ..♦♦.. American Chopsy ..♦♦.. Chineese Chopsy ..♦♦.. Stuffed Chapathi ..♦♦.. Paneer Palak ..♦♦.. Alu Palak ..♦♦.. Reshmadhaul Curry ..♦♦.. Panner Butter Masala ..♦♦.. Alu Butter Masala ..♦♦.. Dhal Makni ..♦♦.. Dhal Fry ..♦♦.. Mushroom Masala ..♦♦..malai Goptha ..♦♦.. Veg Goptha Curry ..♦♦.. Kadai Mushroom ..♦♦.. Paneer Sai Kuruma ..♦♦.. Kadai Veg ..♦♦.. Veg Chettinad ..♦♦.. Veg Hyderabad ..♦♦.. Mixed Raitha.

Small Rasthali ..♦♦.. Cut Fruits ..♦♦.. Badam Kheer ..♦♦.. Masala Milk ..♦♦.. Sukku Milk ..♦♦.. Ice Creams ..♦♦.. Vennila ..♦♦.. Butterscotch ..♦♦.. Strawberry ..♦♦.. Mango ..♦♦.. Chocolate ..♦♦.. Orange Candy ..♦♦.. Cassatta ..♦♦.. Sweet Beeda ..♦♦.. Ice Beeda ..♦♦.. Pot Kulfi ..♦♦.. Stick Kulfi ..♦♦.. Falooda.

Idly-cocount Chutney, ..♦♦.. Kanchi Idly-malli Chutney, ..♦♦.. Veg Idly-kara Chutney, ..♦♦.. Mini Idly-sambar Yellu Milagaipodi Ghee Idly, ..♦♦.. Methu Vadai-onion Sambar ..♦♦.. Mysore Bonda-kathrikai Chutney, ..♦♦.. Mangalore Bonda-puli Chutney, ..♦♦.. Pongal-kothsu, ..♦♦.. Rava Kichadi-tomato Chutney, ..♦♦.. Semiya Rava Kichadi-veg Kootu ..♦♦.. Rice Uppuma-veg Ishtoo, ..♦♦.. Uppuma Kolukattai ..♦♦.. Wheat Rava Upma – Curd Poori-masal ..♦♦.. Appam-kuruma ..♦♦.. Butter Appam Chutney ..♦♦.. Sambar Ravai Uppuma-curd ..♦♦.. Lemon Sevai-pineapple More Kulumbu ..♦♦.. Cocount Sevai-apple More Kulumbu ..♦♦.. Idiyappam-veg Paaya ..♦♦.. Kuli Paniyaram-tomato Kulambu ..♦♦.. Adai-aviyal ..♦♦.. Chapathi – Dhal ..♦♦.. Oothappam-karuveppilai Chutney ..♦♦.. Cauliflower Roast-pudina Chutney ..♦♦.. Ghee Roast-podi Oil ..♦♦.. Rava Roast-tomato Thokku ..♦♦.. Filter Coffee ..♦♦.. Tea

Kothi Pradhaman ..♦♦.. Sakkai Pradhaman ..♦♦.. Kasakasa Payasam ..♦♦.. Paruppu Pradhaman ..♦♦.. Pal Payasam ..♦♦.. Avul Payasam ..♦♦.. Paladai Pradhaman ..♦♦.. Vella Adai Pradhaman ..♦♦.. Pazha Pradhaman ..♦♦.. ..♦♦..semiya Javvarisi Payasam ..♦♦.. Fruit Payasam ..♦♦.. Rice Kadalai Paruppu Payasam.

Pudina Rice ..♦♦.. Ellu Rice ..♦♦.. Karuveppilai Rice ..♦♦.. Mango Rice ..♦♦.. Pacharisi Rice ..♦♦.. Puzhungal Arisi Rice ..♦♦.. Kalkandu Rice ..♦♦.. Puli Rice ..♦♦.. Cocount Rice ..♦♦.. Tomato Rice ..♦♦.. Mushroom Briyani ..♦♦.. Curd Rice ..♦♦.. Malli Rice ..♦♦.. Ghee Rice ..♦♦.. Lemon Rice ..♦♦.. Pattani Rice ..♦♦.. Veg Pulao ..♦♦.. Veg Fried Rice ..♦♦.. Ginger Thuvaiyal ..♦♦.. Paruppu Thuvaiyal ..♦♦.. Mixed Raitha ..♦♦.. Cucumber Raitha ..♦♦.. Ghee, Paruppu ..♦♦.. Paruppu Ghee Sambar ..♦♦.. Kathiri Pitlal ..♦♦.. Small Onion Vathal Kulumbu ..♦♦.. Mango Pulicheri Puli Kulambu ..♦♦.. Poricha Kulambu ..♦♦.. Paruppu Urundai More Kulumbu, Rasakalan Tomato Rasam ..♦♦.. Mysore Rasam ..♦♦.. Lemon Rasam ..♦♦.. Paneer Rasam ..♦♦.. Poondu Rasam ..♦♦.. Pineapple Rasam ..♦♦.. Milagu Rasam ..♦♦.. Jeeraga Rasam ..♦♦..cucumber Curd Kichadi ..♦♦.. Sweet Apple Pachadi ..♦♦.. Beetroot Pachadi ..♦♦.. Beans Parupu Usili ..♦♦.. Avaraka Porial ..♦♦.. Capsicum Usili ..♦♦.. Brinjal Pitlai ..♦♦.. Parupu Vadai ..♦♦.. Vegetable Vadai ..♦♦.. Curd Vadai ..♦♦.. Applam ..♦♦.. Chow Chow Kootu ..♦♦.. Vaazhaikkai Podimas ..♦♦.. Beans Poriyal ..♦♦.. Lady’s Finger Masla Fried ..♦♦.. Chenai Varuval ..♦♦.. Chembu Roast ..♦♦.. Vegtable Pickle ..♦♦.. Puli Inji.

Wheat Halwa ..♦♦.. Basundhi ..♦♦.. Mysore Bonda ..♦♦.. Vellai Appam ..♦♦.. Karavadai ..♦♦.. Bajji Verities ..♦♦.. Medhu Bonda ..♦♦.. Cashew Pakoda ..♦♦.. Sundal Varities ..♦♦.. Sabudhana Vadai ..♦♦.. Lemon Sevai ..♦♦.. Cocunt Chutney & Onion Chutney ..♦♦.. Veg Bonda ..♦♦.. Cashew Cutlet ..♦♦.. Cashew Pakoda ..♦♦.. Milegai Baji ..♦♦.. Pala Baji ..♦♦.. Coffee & Tea ..♦♦.. Bhel Poori ..♦♦.. Pani Poori ..♦♦.. Curd Poori ..♦♦.. Bav Baji ..♦♦.. Samosa ..♦♦.. Kachori

Laddu ..♦♦.. Bombay Laddu ..♦♦.. Mothi Laddu ..♦♦.. Rava Laddu ..♦♦.. Maladu, Boonthi ..♦♦.. Mysorpa ..♦♦.. Badam Mysorpa ..♦♦.. Caroot Mysorpa ..♦♦.. Kaju Mysorpa ..♦♦.. Cashew Cake ..♦♦.. Badam Cake ..♦♦.. Milk Cake ..♦♦.. Chocolate Cake ..♦♦.. Kaju Kathli ..♦♦.. Badam Kathli ..♦♦.. Pistha Roll ..♦♦.. Kaju Roll ..♦♦.. Cocount Burfi ..♦♦.. Bengali Sandwich ..♦♦.. Bengali Rasamalai ..♦♦.. Bengali Rasagulla ..♦♦.. Jeera Badhusa ..♦♦.. Suryakala ..♦♦.. Chandrakala ..♦♦.. Peni ..♦♦.. Jeerapeni ..♦♦.. Mangalore Poli ..♦♦.. Rava Poli ..♦♦.. Cocount Poli ..♦♦.. Jilebi ..♦♦.. Mini Jilebi ..♦♦.. Bombay Jilebi ..♦♦.. Kulab Jamoon ..♦♦.. Mini Jamoon ..♦♦.. Makkan Beda ..♦♦.. Apple Beda ..♦♦.. Kesar Beda ..♦♦.. Bengali Chum Chum ..♦♦.. Bengali Honeydew

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