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Chamathkara – the word from Sanskrit, implies a specialist. We are specialists in the art of carving the aspirations of the young minds in life’s most important event – their wedding.The founder, Mr. Sriraam started coloco as an enterprise in the year 2007 and now it is a private limited company. ‘chamathkara’ is an exclusive vertical where dreams come true.

A fat budget or big production is not mandatory for a memorable experience. It is in the passion and involvement, resulting in artistic excellence. Our expertise in choosing the colors, fabrics, florals, ambience, props, furniture& lighting will enrich your experience, resulting in a ‘wow’ effect.

Your day is not just yet another day in our business…it’s special!

We are very committed and meticulous about our client’s expectations. Quality execution, timely delivery, safety consciousness & value addition has always been a priority in our delivery agenda. Art directors, florists, lighting technicians & the management crew will be on our toes to ensure your satisfaction.

No doubt, you would oblige to refer us to your friends…!


Every concept has its own speciality. The religion, community, family & individual interest play the role of choice. We are well equipped to match your interest – whether contemporary, ethnic, traditional, eco friendly or any free style. Achurch wedding or nikah, mehandi or Sangeeth, we can make that significant difference for you!
Orchids, carnation, song of India, gerbera, lily, rose,lotus, green leaves, chrysanthemums, cut foliage take active part in our floral decorations.

Sangeeth Entertainment

The sangeeth and mehandi sessions have become the most integral & entertaining part of every wedding. It’s true that this session dwells in the pre wedding curiosity & post wedding memories. We can conceptualize the sangeeth with trendy properties, elaborate or subtle backdrop themes & exciting entertainment to enliven the evening.
Mehandi artists, dance choreographers, stand-up comedians, instrumental live fusions,rock bands, variety dance performers, orchestra, singers, Dj & celebrity artists…you just have to name it.

Destination Weddings

Your family wedding is not just a social obligation…

Our traditional wedding procedures are inter-connected to the family and close relatives and can be performed in the place of your choice. These Weddings usually happen in your home town, where social guests are being called for the Reception Event, fulfilling your social obligation as the host. Destination Weddings are more personalized. The choice of destination is all yours based on the budget, season, number of selected guests and other criteria.

Here are a few reasons why people prefer a Destination wedding…

It’s a great opportunity to have real quality time with close-knit family members’ likes cousins, nieces, co-brothers, in-laws and important friends who matter.

In the emerging trend, newly-engaged couples prefer Destination Weddings as they could reduce the guest list phenomenally.‘Not everybody you know will expect to be invited, and not everybody you invite will have the time and money to attend.’ Sounds true? Yeah!

You value the time and money spent by the guests, who attend the wedding all the way traveling from their home town.

A quaint Reception Event could be planned in your home town to celebrate with other essential social guests. You need not compromise your quality of life style, comfort & food preferences. Attention to your family and relations are keenly focused. Giving & enjoying a great experience in a diverse space.Life time memories are the assured take away.


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Are you passionate to have a career in wedding decorations?

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Economical backdrops

The backdrop budget depends on the size, stage raise requirement, fresh floral choices, custom-built or available themes, lighting, ceiling, hall surrounding decoration etc.