We all know that the traditional wedding practiced in the brahmin community is a 3 day function where the bride’s family is the host. We welcome the groom’s family & relatives on the 1st day morning and provide them comfortable accommodation. Then the vridham session starts. We shall coordinate with all requirements for the vaidheegam as per your famaly vaadhiyar. The breakfast for the guests goes in unison while the vridham is performed.
Nichayadhartham, though formally done earlier, will be a part of the event here. Some families prefer it after the vridham or make it in the afternoon session, post lunch.
The chaat or snack zone will pull the guest by 4 pm and will energize them to get ready for the reception session.
The decoration for reception backdrop wouldreflect the client preferences & the floor would be ready to handle social guests for the reception.
The quality music of live nathaswaram-saxaphone combo or any other live entertainment would fill the air to enthuse the crowd.
The buffet dinner will have the choice of north indian delicacies, traditional food assortments, mouth watering starters, wide range of sweets, cut fruits, crunches and many more…

We will aim to break your diet oath for sure!!!

Oonjal, kaasi yaathirai

Now, we are ready for the big day event. Right from the wake up coffee the customer delight starts. The kaasiyaathirai props and unjal decoration would be at place, as is the breakfast. Selective tiffin menu, starter sweets &interesting oil-free side dishes will add a little pep to your singing performance during oonjal.

Kanika dhaanam & mangalyadhaaranam

The backdrop would be ready for the muhurtham with traditional decor properties with florals like lily & mary gold.The display of seer bakshanams – thenkuzhal muruku, athirasam, laddu, paal theratupaal, thengai theratupaal, maa ladu, manoharam, and paruppu thengai will attract the super seniors.
The tempting aroma of the grand lunch with two payasams, aviyal, morkulambu, paruppu usili & more items of your choice menu will gather the people from the wedding hall to the dining area.


The whole family will be ready for the triggered entertainment and rituals of nalangu by evening on the big day.The display of vilayadal and nalangu properties will be made available on account of naathanaar seer.

Management mechanism

The whole event will be co-ordinated by respective supervisors for vaidheegam, guest management, dining hall management, kitchen management, store room management, stage & backdrop management, audio console management & reception desk management. Our expert photography team will capture these golden moments for your life timememories.